Ethiopia Fana


Ethiopia Fana


At just 9 months old, Fana tasted these sweet flavors on the plantation, inspiring the name for this delightful honey-processed coffee. It features sweet notes of blueberries and passionfruit with milder hints of caramel in the aftertaste. Our lighter roast profile gives a nice balance to this coffee which results in a fruit bomb when set as espresso, while the sweeter tones shine beautifully in a filter coffee or in the Aeropress.

Fruity & Sweet

blueberry – passionfruit – caramel

Body                    XX
Sweetness         XXXX
Balance              XXXX
Acidity                XX


Blueberry, passionfruit, caramel

Named after their daughter, Fana, this Ethiopian coffee from Dutch-Ethiopian family company Bette Buna is a tribute to her early love for the sweet flavors of the coffee cherry flesh.

Beta Buna aspires to create equal opportunities for local coffee communities by producing high-quality coffee. They achieve this by paying fair wages to their workers, which are agreed upon collectively before the season begins. Additionally, they share knowledge with local coffee plantations and make their washing station available to all plantations in the region. Coffee plants grown at these high altitudes and the accompanying lower nighttime temperatures result in slower-growing, denser, and harder beans. This process produces beans with deeper, more complex, and clearer flavors. The beans from the Fana Lot are processed using the ‘Honey’ method. After harvesting, the skin of the coffee cherry is mechanically removed, but parts of the flesh remain and dry on the bean. This imparts sweet, fruity flavors to the coffee. After several days, the dried flesh is washed off, and the beans are dried to an ideal moisture content of between 11 and 13%.

Bette Buna also has its own nursery where they cultivate small coffee plants that are more resilient to climate change and yield higher quality coffee. These young coffee plants are then distributed to coffee plantations in the community around the village. For every kilogram of coffee we sell, Bette Buna donates one coffee plant!

Experience the unique sweetness and fruitiness of Fana Honey Process Coffee, a testament to Bette Buna’s dedication to quality and community support. Enjoy the exquisite taste of Bette Buna Fana Coffee, knowing each purchase contributes to a sustainable and fair coffee community.

Region: Guji, Womena

Variety: JARC 74110 & 74112

Processing method: Honey

Growing altitude: 1950 – 2200 meters

Direct Trade By: Bette Buna

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