Colombia DECAF


Colombia DECAF


A delicious decaf coffee from Colombia sourced by Grounds. The caffeine is extracted organically by means of the E.A. Sugarcane method. The result is highly flavourful caffeine-free coffee with notes of sweet chocolate. Perfect as both a black or milk-based coffee.

Soft, sweet & chocolate

Body                    XXX
Sweetness         XXX
Balance              XXXX
Acidity                XXX


Decaffinated specialty coffee? Yes, it’s possible. This bean has had 99% of its caffeine removed using the E.A. Sugarcane method. The coffee beans are steamed so that they expand and their pores open. The beans are then rinsed with a mixture of vinegar, sugarcane, and other sugary natural products, which we call “Ethyl Acetate” or E.A. for short. The beans are washed with this mixture, causing the caffeine molecules to bind and dissolve in the E.A. mixture and thus be extracted from the bean. After this treatment, the beans are dried again to a moisture content of about 12%, the same as they were at the beginning of the process. The result is a delicious and fully organic bean without caffeine but full of sweet chocolatey flavors.

Region: Huila

Arabic Variety: Castillo

Processing Method: Washed 

Growing Altitude: 1400 – 1600

Decaf method: EA Sugarcane Decaf

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