An accessible coffee with a classic profile that bridges the gap between specialty coffee and traditional coffee drinkers. Enjoy the familiar flavors of nuts and dark chocolate we all love, but without the burnt and bitter aftertaste. Perfect for espresso, filter coffee at a birthday party, or for milk-based coffees.

Nuts & Chocolate

Pure chocolate – hazelnut – caramel

Body                    XXX
Sweetness         XXX
Balance              XX
Acidity                X



This flavorful coffee comes from Capricornio, a company producing specialty coffee since 2015 in the five southern regions of the states of Paraná and São Paulo, Brazil. In the 1960s, these regions were the top coffee producers in the country. However, production stagnated due to a severe frost period and the rise of major coffee regions in the north. With climate changes in Brazil, the Capricornio group saw new opportunities and potential in these regions. Together with 20 dedicated farmers, they began cultivating high-quality specialty coffee again.

Capricornio’s “Four Seasons” project helps establish modern and ecologically sustainable farms to process coffee according to the highest standards and new techniques. Due to the low latitude of this region, coffee cherries grow slowly, similar to those at high altitudes, resulting in larger cherries with deep and complex flavors. Experience the rich, classic taste of Capricornio coffee, crafted with care and innovation.

Regio: São Paulo State
Variety: Arabica mixed variety
Process Methode: Honey
Growing Altitude: 700 – 1100 meters
Direct trade by: This Side Up & Capricornio

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