Coffee from Colombia

Rich, Creamy and chocolate
Full body with chocolate and fruity hints

Body                    XXXX
Sweetness          XXX
Balance               XXX
Accidity              XX

One bag contains 380gram of fresh roasted coffee beans

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Rich, Creamy and chocolate

Full body with chocolate and fruity hints

For our Colombia coffee we work together with ‘Avian Coffee’, a small company owend and run by colombiaans for colombiaans. They know what the are selling and what it represents to the families they buy from. There project intends to empower the Buesaco community by working directly with the farmers

2.500 families grow coffee in this territory, their farms don’t exceed two hectares. This creates an extremely selected product were producers take personal care of the recollection, fertilisation and Horticultural endeavours. The smallholders typically produce washed coffee that undergoes fermentation for 12 – 16 hours before being dried on rooftops or African beds for 8-14 days.

What makes this coffee so special is the altitude and the temperatures the coffee is exposed to during day and night. The warm winds from the Pacific Ocean cross the valley and prevents the plants from freezing. Due to the  drastic change in temperature, the coffee plants enter survival mode and undertake a metabolic process that translates into a very characteristic flavour. Growing coffee at this altitude is only viable if you are very close to the equatorial line since it permits solar radiation all year long.

The result is a product that holds a certain acidity and sugar level and gives the Buesaco Coffee its unique biochemestry.

Region: Colombia – Buesaco, Narino
Arabica Variety: Tipica/Caturra
Process Methode: washed, sun-dried
Growing Altitude: 2200 meters
Special Aspect: Volcanic Soil

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