Small-scale farmers cultivate this coffee in the high mountains of Colombia’s Nariño region. The warm nighttime winds from the Pacific Ocean prevent the plants from freezing at this altitude, while the rich volcanic soil provides the ideal conditions for high-quality coffee beans. This strong and robust coffee boasts a sweet, full-bodied flavor with a pleasing orange acidity in the aftertaste.

Strong & Creamy

pure chocolate – cherry – orange

Body                     XXXX
Sweetness          XXX
Balance               XXX
Accidity               XX



This stunning Colombian coffee is the result of a collaboration with Avian Coffee, a small Colombian family business which exclusively deals with coffee from their region, Buesaco. At night, the warm wind from the Pacific Ocean blows through the valley, preventing the plants from freezing at the high altitude of 2200 meters. These drastic temperature differences between day and night cause the plants to enter survival mode, focusing entirely on producing coffee cherries. This results in a beautifully full, robust coffee bean with natural sweetness and lovely fruity notes.

Avian Coffee understands the importance of coffee to the farmers and knows what they are selling. Their close relationships with the farmers allow them to offer fair prices and are driven to improve life on the small plantations, giving farmers recognition for their work. Experience the rich flavors and quality of our Colombian coffee, nurtured by Avian Coffee’s dedication and expertise.

Region: Buesaco, Nariño

Variety: Tipica/ Caturra

Process method: Washed, sun-dried

Growing altitude: 2200 meters

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