India Malabar


India Malabar


An Indian coffeee featuring the famous Monsoon processing method, wherein the dry monsoon climate of the region alters the coffee beans, imparting a unique colour on the beans. The result is a unique and complex flavour profile which has capivated coffee drinkers worldwide.

Heavy & Spices

Spices, sweet choclate, nuts

Body                    XXX
Sweetness         XX
Balance              XX
Acidity                XX


Spices, sweet chocolate, nuts

Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee traces its origins to the era of the British Raj from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries. During this time, coffee beans were transported by sea from India to Europe in large wooden ships. The humidity and monsoon winds during this voyage caused the beans to transform from fresh green to a pale yellow, altering their size, texture, and appearance. The monsoon weather worked its magic, making the beans swell and giving them a smooth, soft texture. This process resulted in an incredibly complex taste profile that has captivated coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

With a view to cater to this demand, the coffee exporters in the Malabar Coast devised and perfected the process known as “Monsooning of Coffee” in which it successfully recreated the unique aged coffee flavour preferred by many consumers in Europe. A typical ambiance could be simulated along the coastal belt of southwest India, especially the Malabar region, during the monsoon months, bringing about the same characteristic change to the coffee berries. The process is a controlled fermentation of the beans by adjusting the moisture content, which results in changes that are also evident in the flavor.

Region: Mangalore, Malabar Region

Variety: Mixed variety

Processing method: Monsooned

Growing altitude: 1100 – 1200 meters

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