Costa Rica Thermic Aerobic


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Costa Rica Thermic Aerobic


A very special Costa Rican coffee from the Don Alexis plantation. Having undergone an aerobic fermentation process, this coffee is an exceptionally fruity one with notes of ripe plum, red grape, and berries.

Body                    XX
Sweetness         XXXX
Balance              XXXX
Acidity                XX



During our coffee trip to Costa Rica in early 2023, we visited the Don Alexis plantation and met the Ramirez Navarro family. We received a warm welcome and enjoyed a delicious homemade delicacy along with a cup of their homegrown coffee. The Ramirez family pays attention to everything they do, working in harmony with nature on their plantation to cultivate the highest quality coffee. They use various fermentation techniques and have their own coffee roaster to test their experimental coffees. The plantation is located in the Los Santos region and has had its own processing station since 2015, allowing them to focus more on producing higher quality coffee. In our opinion, they have succeeded remarkably well!

This coffee is processed using the Thermic Aerobic fermentation method. Ripe red coffee cherries from the Catuai coffee plant are picked and wrapped in black plastic sheeting before being placed on a drying bed in a greenhouse. The high temperatures in the greenhouse and the wrapping result in an aerobic fermentation process wherein the sugars in the coffee cherries begin to break down and partially caramelize. This results in ‘funky’ fruity flavors and gives a long, clear finish. Together, this makes the coffee a true fruity sensation, one you must taste and won’t soon forget! Thank you, Don Alexis, for this delicious coffee!

Region: Los Santos, Tablón del Guarco

Variety: Catuai

Processing method: Thermic Aerobic

Growing altitude: 1750 meters

Direct Trade by: Grounds

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